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we are not SEBI registered, therefore all the information provided here is only for informational and educational purposes.


India has a lot of potentials. Indians are working in every field
of the world. They are showing their talent. But we are observing a lack of
financial knowledge in common people. The main reason for the lack of financial
education is our education system.


Our education system does not teach about money and the power of
money, it doesn’t provide knowledge about managing financial situations.


Our Mission-There may be various reasons for lack of financial knowledge.


We’re not going to talk about them. Our main concern is to provide financial knowledge or
information to the common people in their common language.

Since we are dedicated to provide the best knowledge to common people in their common language, we have written some of our articles in Hindi language also.Because we believe that Hindi is the language of India.We are working on it and trying to provide best content in Hindi and English both language.

Because we believe that language should not be the barrier in learning.

Financial knowledge and information is very crucial for our country and people.

Because with no financial knowledge, none can empower himself and
society. As soon as the people of India become financially stable and
informed, our country will progress at a greater pace.

We are dedicated to

achieving that goal of financial stability and education in our country India.

Hey everyone this is Maya Shares...


A professional financial service, investment Idea, stock update,
portfolio designing, trading and trading courses, news update, and blogging platform.

We provide quality content for investors, traders, and learners
free of cost.
We are dedicated to providing all financial information and

knowledge to the common people.


We are going to list some of our services that are being provided.

Information about IPO

IPOs are great way to invest in a company at early stage. But proper knowledge of their financial condition is very necessary

Therefore it is very essential for the investor to get all the details of the company and its financial position.

Since company are still not listed getting financial information about the company is very tough task.

Here Maya shares comes into play.

We are dedicated to provide information regarding upcoming IPO, its GMP, IPOs price forecasting and many more.

We have already covered some of the most important ipos and their performance in stock market.

Share Price Target

Many Indian investors have query about Stock/Share Price target.

Nothing is stable in this world therefore share price target for any company changes almost daily.

Share price target is a part of our fundamental analysis series. In this series we are trying to analyse the stocks on fundamental basis.

People are loving the content. Due to its viral nature we have got some discover coverage in Google.

Because Maya Shares is trying to provide to best updated and relevant content to the user.

Users are also providing best response to Maya shares,

I am providing some of the screenshots of comments


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Technical Analysis Of Candlestick Chart

We have written many informative articles about candlestick, candlestick chart pattern, and its psychology.

We are trying to not leave a single stone unturned. Therefore we are covering almost all the topics of candlestick and its chart pattern from basic to advance.

It is helping the traders and investor to understand the market and its behaviour.

if you are interested, please visit the blue link of our candlestick analysis,

Fundamental Analysis Of Stocks

many investors in India are investing for long term.

most of them are either not interested in technical analysis or do not rely upon them.

They all are interested in fundamental analysis of stocks and trying to learn the fundamental analysis.

To fulfill their requirement our team is working on providing best quality content about fundamental analysis of a stocks.

we are also trying to enable investor to analyse the stocks on their own.

Some News Based Coverage

News plays a very important role in stock market. Either you are fundamental investor or technical investor you can’t deny the power of news.

Therefore, we are trying our best to cover sum of the best news about Stock market and any particular stock.

we are also trying to analyse the news and forecasting the effect of news on stock and stock market.

Our History

We started our journey as a YouTube channel. Now we are trying to
connect more people with our knowledge information and mission.

Please be a part of our mission in the financial literacy of India
and support us with your best effort. We will be very thankful to you.

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