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In this article we will talk about Baba food processing Limited IPO in detail.

This IPO is entirely fresh issue of 43.4200000 shares. This IPo is going to be open for subscription on 3rd November 2023 and the closing date for subscription is 7 November 2023.

Anyone who is interested in the IPO Baba food processing Limited can apply in between the dates given in the table.

It is expected that the IPO will be listed on 16 November 2023 in the small and medium Enterprise SME and NSE exchange.

Each Lot size of Baba food processing IPO is of 1600 shares and the total size of the IPO is 4342125 shares.

The lower price band for the IPO is 72 and the upper price band is 76.

If we try to find out the size of the IPO then we can multiply upper price band 76 to the number of shares and we will get 33.00 crore. This is the actual size of the IPO.

Date of allotment has been decided Friday November 10 2023. If you are not Lucky and can’t get the IPO allotted refund will be initiated 13 November 2023 Monday onward.

And if you got lucky, shares will be credit in your Demat account on Wednesday November 15 2023.

If you are a retail investor you can apply for the IPO in minimum lot size of one with 1600 shares. It amounts to be 1,21,600 rupees.

You can apply of maximum 1 lot. While hNI Investor can apply for two lots of 3200 shares which amount to be 2,43,200 rupees.

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Baba food processing limited iPO details

IPO Opening Date03 November 2023
IPO Closing Date7 November 2023
IPO Listing Date16 November 2023
Prize BandRupees 72 to 76 per share
Lot Size1600 shares
Total Issue Size43,42,105 Shares (Aggregating Up To ₹ 33.00 Crore)
Issue TypeBook Built Issue IPO
ListingSME And National Stock Exchange(NSE)
Share Holding Pre Issue12,000,003
Share Holding Post Issue16,342,108

Baba food processing company details

Baba food processing India Limited is well known brand that manufacturers food products using wheat flour.

company is operating from the land of Bhagwan Birsa Munda.

Company claims to have world class infrastructure along with Superiors food processing technology of the world.

Company use high quality Wheat along with industry export professionals to produce high quality product.

Yogesh Kumar Sahu is a well known Agro food entrepreneur especially in eastern India. He Has credit to a starts the Baba food processing company. It was incorporated on April 22, 2015.

Company has manufacturing unit at Nagri, Ranchi and have an expansion plan at Patna Bihar. Company claims to have more than 120 employee at present and aturn over of more than 1900 million.

Baba food processing company has 02 Associates, Panch Kanya food Private Limited and yks wherehousing and Logistic Private Limited.

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Baba food processing limited iPO Date

Opening Date03 November 2023
Closing Date07 November 2023
Allotment Date10 November 2023
Listing Date16 November November 2023
Initiation Of Refund13 November 2023
Credit Of Shares To Your Demat Account15 November 2023
Cut-Off Time For Upi Mandate Confirmation07 November 2023 till 5 pm

Baba food processing IPO gmp

According to 5 Baba food processing IPo is it trading at GMP of 24 rupees.

from the current situation we can assume that the stock will list at the price of near about 100.

datelatest GMP
31st October 202324
30 October 202324

Baba food iPO subscription status

Baba food has not been open for subscription there for the data of subscription status is not available.

you can check this data from 3rd November 2023 and onward.

If you want to check the latest subscription data Please join our WhatsApp group there we you will be notified or any changes in subscription status.

Baba food processing financial information

I have Included some interesting facts about the financial information of Baba food processing Limited. You can Also decode a lot of information from the given table.

  • from March 2021 to March 2022, sales has decreased by 9.8%
  • it has a gross profit margin ranging between 14% to 16%
  • From March 2021 to March 2022 sales high decrease by 10% but in the year of 2023 sales has grown by 95.40%
  • Company operating profit margin is ranging between 4% 26% in the last 3 years.
  • It has also its eBITDA margin ranging between 5% to 6%
  • Baba food processing Limited pace almost 20% of its gross profit margin as interest expense.
  • at last the most valuable thing, company has a very lower percentage of net profit margin in comparison to its sales.
INR (in crores)Mar-21Mar-22Mar-23
GROSS PROFIT MARGIN16.50%15.40%14.80%
SALES GROWTH0-9.80%95.40%
Operating Profit5511
Operating Profit %4%5%6%
Other Income100
OTHER INCOME GROWTH0-60.50%-77.80%
Profit before tax (PBT)337
Profit after tax (PAT) / Net Profit225
SALES TO NET PROFIT1.86%2.09%2.68%

Common Sizing Expenses

In the below table I have included, the expense detail of Baba food processing Limited. As you can see that almost 84 to 85% of sales is used as raw material expense.

Common Sizing Expenses
Year >>Mar-21Mar-22Mar-23
Raw material Expenses84%85%85%
Change in Inventory0%-2%1%
Power and Fuel Cost2%2%2%
Other Mfr. Exp1%1%1%
Employee Cost3%3%2%
Selling and Admin Expenses6%7%5%
Other Expenses0%-1%-1%
Operating Profit Margin (OPM) %4.30%5.10%5.80%

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Balance sheet analysis

  • company has a share capital of rs 5 crore rupees.
  • its reserve is growing, company has a reserve of 12 crore in year of 2021 which has gone to 20 crore in 2023.
  • company has also increased its borrowing.
  • we can easily see that in last 3 years company has increased its assets.

Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023
Share Capital555
Other Liabilities6710
Total Liabilities465568
Fixed Assets212021
Other Assets173043
Total Assets465568

cash flow analysis

in the below section I have included cash flow analysis of the company. Just read the details given in the table and find out amazing points.

Cash from Financing Activity (CFF)-965
Net Cash Flow (CFO + CFI + CFF)013
Cash & Equivalent at the end of year014
Profit After Tax (PAT)225
Cash from Operating Activity (CFO)9-80
CFO/PAT (atleast 80%)23%-25%1258%
Free Cash Flows (FCF)-14-8-3
Re-investment (Capex/CFO)261%-3%903%

ipo objectives

  • Investing in its subsidiary panch Kanya private Limited for setting of plants in Patna Bihar,
  • for general corporate purpose
  • repayment of unsecured loans
  • Purchase of machinery


Baba food processing limited iPO (apply or not)

by looking at the financial data, company is in the business of highly competitive market,

it is getting hard to earn some profits. ITC, Britannia, Dabur, HUL and many more are great brands that are providing great competition to the company.

keeping all those points in mind I am personally not interested. What about your opinion please share us on our WhatsApp group.


when the IPO is going to open for subscription?

the IPO will be open for subscription on 3rd November 2023.

how many lots retailer can apply ?

retailer can apply for maximum one lot.

how many shares are there in one lot

there are 1600 shares in a single lot.

how can I apply for the IPO?

you can apply for the IPU through your demat account.

what does Baba food processing company do?

Baba food processing company is engaged in manufacturing of food products.

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