How To Start Invest In Stock Market

How To Start Invest In Stock Market

How To Start Invest In Stock Market

Stock is nothing but a type of security that indicates ownership

in a corporation and represents a claim on a part of that corporation’s assets and earnings.

But How To Start Invest In Stock Market? Wait a little bit and know a few things before starting investing in stock market.


If you have to make your future bright or you want to achieve your financial goal or if you want to achieve financial freedom you should not jump into the stock market directly.


In spite of jumping into stock and starting to buy, you should have as much information about stock as possible.


You should focus on the following path to achieve your financial goal:-

Why to invest in stocks?-why do you decide to invest in stocks?

How To Start Invest In Stock Market
How To Start Invest In Stock Market

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Are you looking for appreciation or looking for a fixed income from dividend. 

or you are trying to be financially free so that you could do whatever you want. 

You could go wherever you want and you could buy whatever you want. 

First decide what are the things that force you to start investing
in stocks.

Knowing your financial situation-before starting to invest in a stock you should know your financial situation.

How To Start Invest In Stock Market
How To Start Invest In Stock Market



it will help you a lot in in finding the answer of how to start invest in stock market?

It helps you to buy stocks that suit you best. you could buy stock according to your financial situation.


 You should also enquiry about yourself that either you are
ready to invest at this point or not

Knowing the risk

(How To Start Invest In Stock Market)

If you decided that your financial situation is in harmony with
investing and decided to achieve financial freedom.


Dig deep to find risk involved in investing.


Because you are going to put your hard earned money in the stock
that you might lose. 
How will you react if you bought a stock and it starts falling
from day one?


How To Start Invest In Stock Market


Let’s see Some of the risk-

financial risk-Chances of losing some or all of your capital  and the money you have invested. You can avoid it by doing proper research and choosing your stock carefully


Market risk–  markets have a  tendency to go up and down. because millions of people buy and sell the same stock daily.


If demand of a particular stock increases its price increases, if
supply of a stock  increases and demand decreases price falls suddenly.


Government risk–  government changes rules and policy continuously.

particular rules can affect the working of a company. It might increase the chances of company growth or adversely affect the company growth.

These are the main risks in your investing. There are some other risks such as interest rate risk, inflation rate risk, Personal  risk and emotional risk. We will discuss the risk
involved in the stock market in a separate article.

Growth potential in stock- Each individual stock is individual corporation or company. your growth is totally dependent on the growth of the company.

There are various examples in the history of the stock market that
the company has grown multiple times, making its investors millionaires.

Lets see how?

How To Start Invest In Stock Market
How To Start Invest In Stock Market


But there are various examples that show the millions of losses.

In spite of having a very good growth potential most of the people
are losing. Why?


How To Start Invest In Stock Market
How To Start Invest In Stock Market


Let’s see why-

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of patience-  
  • Not taking the risk properly 
  • No money management plan 
  • Overtrading
  • A lot of expectation
  • Lack of capital 
  • Investing without stop loss order 
  • Taking too much risk
  • Chasing the market 
  • And many more, it varies from people to

don’t think too much because there is no business in the world
that has no risk and no knowledge required.

If you want to sustain in any type of business in the world you
should have the best knowledge of that business, or work

but in trading or investing people usually ignore the fact of
knowledge and learning

They try to earn money from day one of their investment and

That’s totally impossible, because it is not investing it is

 People who are losing in the market are losing because of
their scared money and low patience level.

people usually buy the stock in Bull Trend and sell the stock in
the beer market.

This is also one of the major reasons for loss to the retailer

Ok it’s enough ;

Then how to invest to make a big buck in the stock market.

Yeah sure;

These are the best stock investing checklist you may follow
to achieve your financial goal.


How To Start Invest In Stock Market
How To Start Invest In Stock Market


Try the things in your investing career that may benefit you.


Know yourself and risk tolerance capability-

The best part of stock investing is knowing yourself, know your
risk tolerance capability. analyze yourself and find the best stocks suited for


  • understand your requirement- What are you investing for, capital appreciation or regular

income? Knowing your requirements will help you a lot.


  • Learn the required things for investing- Learn to analyze the stocks and the financial statements of the company. Always remember learning Leads to earning.


  • Do proper Research and planning-Do proper research and plan your investment. it will help you a lot.

 yah it’s right but how to do it-

How To Start Invest In Stock Market


 Let’s see how-

1.Look for a company. Are the sales of the company increasing? How long  it’s sales
will increase, try to understand the demand of the company’s product.


2.How efficient is its management? Look for it.


3.How much a company is spending on research and development in relation to its size and
market needs.


4.What about the profit margin of the company? Does it make any sense ?What are the
company steps for having better profit margin?


5.What about investor management relationships? Does management talk freely to the
investors when there are troubles in the company?


  •  gather information before investing into the stock-

You need to collect information two times  before buying and
before selling the stocks? 


 doing proper research will help you a lot,

try to find more information about the company before investing a
single penny.


  • Decide your investing  target-As of now, you have decided why to invest?
  • If yes, then decide What are you investing for? Decide your target off investing.


  • Try to minimize riskThe Great art you can learn is minimizing risk.  Risk can’t be avoided but can be minimized. Understanding the risk can give you the way to avoid them. Last few points are about risk management. Check them.
  •  building a strong portfolio-Building a portfolio is a good way to minimize risk. It is also the easiest task an investor can do to avoid greater loss.


  • diversify your portfolio-Diversify your portfolio, stocks of different industries. you can choose to invest in stocks based on their market capital.
  •  Adjust your portfolio- If  adjustment of portfolio is required, do it. You can do it by by buying some shares and selling some shares. you may add a new company or sell an existing company of your portfolio. 
  • Minimize your greedStock market is a game of greed and fear. understand it.  put limit order on your  greed and stop loss order on your fear.

 You need to manage both greed and fear. because  none of them Lead you to be a successful investor.

Conclusion(how to start to invest in stocks)

Successful stock investment require learning to invest in stock market.You need to be focused and alert.Manage your risk, minimise your greed, reinvest,and saving your earnings will better help you to achieve financial freedom.



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