Is Navi Loan app Safe

Is Navi Loan app Safe | Is Navi loan app real or fake


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Is Navi Loan app Safe? Is Navi loan real app or fake? A lot of people have the same query, do you have the same, well that’s why you are here

This article is going to be very important because in this article I am going to discuss about Navi loan app.

These days Navi loan app is gaining popularly among the Indians. Why not, as it is secure and safe Loan at a very reasonable rate of interest as claimed by Navi.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and almost all the social media platforms are flooded with the promotion of Navi loan app. Because the company is providing safe secure and transparent Financial Service in India.

What Is Navi Loan App?

Navi loan app is the latest venture of formally co founder of FlipKart Sachin Bansal and Ankit Agrawal a Banker of Bank of America. When I asked on Google what is Navi loan app. Navi says,

Navi is a digital app that provides simple, affordable, Accessible Financial products and Services, the process is 100% paperless and easy. you can get instant loan approval

What Is Navi Loan App

Company is providing Financial Services to the customer. In the below table I am going to include some of the facts related Navi loan app.

Name of VentureNavi
FoundersSachin Bansal (formerly co-founder of Flipkart) and Ankit Agarwal (formerly a banker with Deutsche Bank and Bank of America)
MissionMaking financial services simple, transparent, and accessible to all
ApproachTechnology-driven and customer-centric approach
FoundedDecember 2018
Initial FocusDigital Lending
Wholly-Owned NBFC SubsidiaryNavi Finserv
Customers Served (Lending)Over 1.5 lakh customers
Achievement (Lending)Became one of the largest lending apps in the country within 3 months
Launch of General InsuranceYes
Health Insurance OfferGuarantee cashless claim approvals in under 20 minutes with 10,000+ hospitals in India
Venture into Micro-FinancingYes
Wholly-Owned MFI-NBFCChaitanya India
Customers Served (Micro-Financing)Over 5 lakh customers across 8 states
AUM (Asset Under Management)1.3 thousand crores (1,300 crore)

As you can see that, I have included a lots of information inside the table which can might be beneficial for you. Company has a very focused mission of making Financial Service easy and transparent accessible to all. And, Navi is doing so by its Technology driven and customer centric approach.

Navi financial Services

navi uPI- navi application claim TO have safe secure and reliable payment gateway. Advance technology and user friendly design power seamless transaction in Navi.

✅ instant transfer

✅ 24*7 support

✅ Reliable payment

✅ track payment

Mutual Fund – Navi offers avoid variety of mutual fund investment opportunity. You can now explore from the low cost index fund ELSS fund.

✅ Low coST

Health Insurance– in case of an accident or critical illness we need a lot of money.

Navi comes into play and it pays your all the bills or even you can go cashless for treatment with your Navi health insurance plan.

Why to choose navi health insurance plan

✅ cover up to 1 crore

✅ cashless claim up to 10k+ network hospital

Home loan– Navi application is providing home loan up to 5 crore rupees. Your dream home can comes true. Since it’s a secure loan you have to pledge collateral TO avail the loan benefits.

You can pay your home loan in easy installment and you can also claim for tax benefits under section 80c, 24b, 80 e e and 80EEA.

Navi Cash Loan (Is Navi good for loans)

✔download the Navi loan app from the genuine source. Link of Play Store has been given below download the application from there.

✔complete the KYC process select your loan amount and loan tenure.

✔it’s all done money will instantly we transfer to your bank account.

✔it’s this much easy.

Navi cash loan features

👍 instant disbursal

👍 minimal documentation

👍 100% paper less

👍 flexible EMI

👍 Attractive Intrest Rate

👍No Collateral Required

These features looks amazing when it comes to cash loan.

Loan TypeNavi Cash Loan
Loan AmountUp to ₹20 Lakh
EligibilityAvailable anytime, anywhere
Processing FeeZERO
Foreclosure FeeZERO
Repayment TenureUp to 72 months
Documentation100% paperless
ApplicationNavi app – ‘Cash Loan’ section
DisbursementWithin 5 minutes to your bank account
Additional InfoFast cash loan app with no heavy paperwork

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Factors Affecting Cash Loan

Factors Affecting Navi Cash Loan

Here’s the information about factors affecting cash loan interest rates presented in a tabular format:

👍 monthly income

👍 cIBIL Score

👍 default history

if you have a good monthly income with good cIBIL score , you can get your loan at a very attractive rate of interest almost instantly.

navi services

Is Navi approved by RBI?

Is Navi Loan app Safe

as Navi loan app itself claims that company is approved by RBI and it is a registered nbfc.

company has nbfc License with effect from 11 March 2016. Navi finserv private limited company was converted into public company in March 2022.

Is Navi Loan app Safe?

yes, navi is safe and secure rbi approved platform that allows you to invest in various instrument.

you can invest in digital gold, mutual fund even you can take personal loan and home loan.

Navi Laon App Review

Kya Upstox Safe Hai

is navi health insurance good

It is said that no one knows the future, unwanted situation Mein arrive and create disaster. Navi insure your health for any uncertainty.

Here are some facts why you should opt for health insurance plan.

✅ Rising medical bill

✅save on tax

✅financial support

✅Lifestyle habits

Navi Claims to settle your medical bill in just 20 minutes to over 10000 network hospital. Navi health insurance provide you a lot of benefits.

What Navi offers to their client

✅100% paperless process

✅Cover up to 1 crore

✅Atlas claim across 10000 network hospital

✅Starts at just rupee 235 per month

✅Insurance top up and porting facility available

Is Navi Loan Safe

See the Navi Health Insurance plans just download the app

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navi loan app customer reviews

Most of the Navi users are Claiming about poor support. Navi had just provided a chat support that is almost automatic. you can’t get the exact answer because on the other side chat boot is writing the answer. And it is providing General information not specific information.

Some user has also given some positive reviews like, it is very easy to take loan from Navi, when you are willing to pay your loan amount. Because there are also some complaints about Navi that their customers care may call you relatives in case of loan default. And you are unable to take calls.

Some user also gives good review about the mutual fund buying process because it is too easy to invest in mutual funds with navi.

Some users claim about the app permission. because it ask a lot of permissions that Harnish our privacy. Eid Mein ask your contact permission that is usually not required but it takes.

For more reviews you may visit Navi loan app at Play Store and get some result.

Conclusion- Is Navi loan real or fake?

As it is the question of Navi safety, Navi loan app is 100% safe and Secure to work with, invest with and to take insurance plan. However different users have different opinion and reviews. If you main purpose it to default the loan then we loan app is not good for you. Because they make create pressure upon you for paying loans amount and you will end up with bad experience.

If you have a genuine person to take loans or invest in gold or mutual fund then it is superb. Invest with navi freely there is no security and safety issue.

Navi loan app is 100% lazy and it is real loan app. You can take cash loans, invest in mutual fund, buy insurance plan, invest in digital gold and lots more.

for more details visit nabhi at Play Store

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Is Navi Loan app Safe?

Yes, Navi Is Safe And Secure Rbi Approved Platform That Allows You To Invest In Various Instrument.

Is Navi Health Insurance Good?

Navi Claims to settle your medical bill in just 20 minutes to over 10000 network hospital. Navi health insurance provide you a lot of benefits.

what is Navi Loan App Customer Reviews?

Most of the Navi users are Claiming about poor support. Navi had just provided a chat support that is almost automatic.

Is Navi Approved By RBI?

As Navi Loan App Itself Claims That Company Is Approved By RBI And It Is A Registered Nbfc.

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