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Nifty Support And Resistance For Today


Nifty Support And Resistance For Today

Today the benchmark indices Nifty 50 recorded a greater fall. Nifty50 opened at 17276 and touched the high of 17298 .Now it is trading at the day’s low 16992.Capture

Nifty 50 recorded a greater fall and it is going to close below the

100 day simple moving average.


Today the 20 Day Simple moving average is
crossing the hundred day simple moving averages in down side.

Further downside
movement may be continued up to the level of 16700 to 16800. 

Nifty Support And Resistance For Today

There are 1,13,365 Open contracts on the call side at the 17300 level.

This level will work as a measure resistance level for Nifty in the upcoming period.

Another big resistance for Nifty will be 17500.

There is 1 lakh open interest on 17500 levels.


If you talk about the support level for Nifty 50, 17000 is a psychological area that will
work as a support for the Nifty 50.


if the 17000 level breaches we may look for further downside movement of nifty 50.

16800 will work as a support level for Nifty 50.

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There are 28000 open interests at this level. Another major support level that will work is 16700. There are 34000 open interests at 16700 levels.

Most of banking sectors are down performing. Most selling were seen in IndusInd Bank Bandhan
Bank Bank of Baroda and a federal bank. These banks have fallen nearly  3% in a day. Bank Nifty itself fall 700 today.

ICICI bank and HDFC Bank shows off all off nearly 1% today and perform better than other banks

Nifty it is trading in green.  Infosys is performing very well and shown a gain
of nearly 3.5 % today. Last stock closes at 1758 and today Infosys opened at
1820  nearly 60 point gap up from the last day. Only Tech Mahindra is trading
in red. 

IndusInd Bank Support And Resistance-

IndusInd recorded a greater fall of nearly 4% in a day. IndusInd Bank
touches the level of 886 and trading at its low .14 November 2021 stock closes
below the 20 removing averages and now trading below the 100m moving average.
we may see range bound moments or further down sad moments.

Capture 1

880 is a good
support level for the stock. Stock and it has taken support of 880 many times.
Therefore it seems that the stock may spend time at that level.

If stock breaches the
880 level then we may see further downside strong moments up to the level of
800 to 840. 

IndusInd Bank Support And Resistance

The resistance level for the stock is 1000. It works at a psychological level for
the stock. Stock has taken support of 1000 many times. And as we know, support
of a stock becomes its measure resistance.

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You may check the support and resistance level on the basis of open interest from the NSE website.  click here to check the the support and resistance of nifty 50 today.

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