Since that time, Tata Power is continually upgrading itself.

Tata Power first established its hydropower plant in 1915 at 40 MW which was subsequently upgraded to 72 MW.

The company has over a century of expertise and experience in the power sector.

At present, Tata Power with its subsidiaries and joint ventures have a generation capacity of 13,735 MW of which 35% comes from clean energy sources.

At present, Tata Power has installed a 932 MW of wind power generation capacity.

Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources worldwide

Tata Power is growing its wind energy capacity to meet the big demand of electricity.

Recently Tata Power subsidiary TPREL has commissioner 21 MW Vagarai wind farm in Tamilnadu, 100 MW in Nimbagallu Andhra Pradesh.

Tata Power has a strong portfolio of 2688 MW solar generation capacity.

Tata Power aims to develop 20 GW of solar and wind energy by 2027.